With the STS IoT Platform you can quickly build applications that use data from a variety of sources. The STS IoT Plaform provides a set of tools that make storing, accessing, manipulating and visualizing data really easy. Below you will find tutorials and examples to get you started.


Getting Started


Creating your first Node RED Flow

Learn how to create your first Node RED Flow.


An overview of Node-RED and FRED

Learn how easy Node-RED is for developing IoT apps.


A chat app using Node-RED and websockets

Learn how to use websockets in Node-RED.


Build a simple dashboard using Node-RED

Learn how to use the Node-RED UI widgets to build a simple dashboard.

Advanced Guides


Publish data with Dweet.io

Learn how to publish data to the popular Dweet.io pub/sub platform.


Publish Sensor Data with Node-RED and IFTTT

Easily log data from your Pi using IFTTT and Node-RED.


Controlling a Pi using Node-RED

Learn how to control external 'things' using your Pi and Node-RED.


A Node-RED dashboard using Freeboard

Create a A Node-RED dashboard using the popular Freeboard node.