Tutorial: Controlling an Artik board using FRED and Node-RED

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This tutorial shows you how to use FRED — a cloud based Node-RED — to connect to the Samsung Artik hardware modules for remote control and visualization. We make use of the node-red-contrib-artik and node-red-contrib-fred nodes on the Artik board and on the … Read More

Tutorial: Using SQLite with FRED (Node-RED)

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  This guide will show you how to make use of an SQLite database using the litedb node on the FRED hosted Node-RED platform to create database tables and store data. Under the hood, the litedb node uses SQLite.  As a … Read More

Tutorial: Connecting device Node-RED to cloud Node-RED

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SQLite tutorial – try here   Using the FRED node on a device (Pi, Artik, Edison, etc) to connect directly to Node-RED in the cloud A lot of Node-RED developers want to use Node-RED on their devices (Pi, Artik, Edison etc) … Read More

Cloud based Node-RED as a hosted service

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FRED, our cloud based version of Node-RED is a great tool for developers who want to use it for rapid development of IoT apps. The combination of a visual drag ‘n drop interface and set of pre-built nodes makes it … Read More

Detect Presence using a FitBit, Node-RED and FRED

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By hosting node-red in the cloud, FRED can act as an intermediary between devices and cloud services.  To illustrate this, let’s create a system that send a notification when a user wearing a Fitbit Flex comes in range of a … Read More

Tutorial: A Node-RED dashboard using node-red-dashboard

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This is a simple example of reading and visualizing data using the new UI nodes from node-red-dashboard. We’ll be using the Cloud based FRED service as our Node-RED engine and visualizing a simple random data feed to show how to create a … Read More