FRED (Cloud Node-RED) and cryptocurrencies

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Accessing Cryptocurrency data via the STS Binance node We’ve seen a few folks playing around with FRED to access – and in some cases – trade on cryptocurrencies, which we thought was a fun use of Node-RED. Our very own … Read More

Tutorial: Using the OSIsoft PI Web API node with FRED (Cloud Node-RED)

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OSIsoft PI System is an industrial data management system that is widely used to capture, process, analyze, and store any form of real-time data. With the flexibility and powerful features of FRED, users can add more values to their current OSIsoft PI System. … Read More

Monitor a Pi Zero-hosted security camera with Node-RED, FRED and STS-MQTT

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The new Pi Zero W is a great hardware platform for creating all kinds of interesting hardware gadgets.  With built in bluetooth, wifi, and a camera connector, it seems like the ideal system for creating a security cam.  Of course one … Read More

Tutorial: Using SQLite with FRED (Node-RED)

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  This guide will show you how to make use of an SQLite database using the litedb node on the FRED hosted Node-RED platform to create database tables and store data. Under the hood, the litedb node uses SQLite.  As a … Read More

Tutorial: Connecting device Node-RED to cloud Node-RED

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SQLite tutorial – try here   Using the FRED node on a device (Pi, Artik, Edison, etc) to connect directly to Node-RED in the cloud A lot of Node-RED developers want to use Node-RED on their devices (Pi, Artik, Edison etc) … Read More

Tutorial: A Node-RED dashboard using node-red-dashboard

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This is a simple example of reading and visualizing data using the new UI nodes from node-red-dashboard. We’ll be using the Cloud based FRED service as our Node-RED engine and visualizing a simple random data feed to show how to create a … Read More

Post Data to using FRED

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This guide will teach you how to post data to a Dweetio Thing using Node RED (FRED). The sample flow can be found in: http://tutorial-samples/post-data-to-dweetio-using-fred/post-data-to-dweetio-using-fred.json If you are not sure how to import a sample flow, please refer to:   About … Read More

Anomaly Detection Using Node-RED

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In this guide you will learn how to implement a simple outlier analysis to find values in an array that are outside of the norm. This is very useful when trying to detect anomalies in data sets. We will implement … Read More

A Node-RED flow to Monitor the Weather

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In this guide you will learn how to create a Node-RED to monitor the weather and send a tweet when the skies are clear. What is Node RED? Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things developed by … Read More

How to Import a Node-RED Flow.

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In this guide you will learn how to import a node Node-RED flow. What is Node RED? Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things developed by IBM Emerging Technology and the open source community. Using Node-RED, developers … Read More

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